Arielle Neher


My digital photography work contains three major themes: materiality, process, and the art object. Often when creating work, I start out with an idea of process, not of end product. I think about materials and creation through the aid of my hands. My works tend to contain a lot of visual stimuli and are rarely minimalistic. Through photography, I can step outside of my normal routine. The camera allows me to have control over the creation or containment of an image in a clean and orderly way, which is contrary to my typical physical process. This challenges me to think about, view, and create images in a different manner.

Because of the control the camera gives me, I was able to do two different visual themes for my portfolio that are united by the three underlying elements stated above. In the first group of photographs that contain bottles with film prints inside, the process was routed in the handling and manipulation of particular materials, but in the second group of studio setting shots of an art object, it was more routed in formal qualities such as lighting and angles. Both works emphasize materiality because of my focus on texture and movement. Also for both groups of images, the final product is the photograph, but the subject of the photograph is an art-object with sculptural reference/influence. I am a mixed media artist, and I believe that is evident in this digital photography portfolio.


  • Mixed Media
  • Photography: Film & Digital
  • Video
  • Sculpture
  • Painting
  • Viola


  • Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Final Cut Pro